Replay: Spain Launches Real-Time Transactional eInvoice Reporting

February 15, 2017 Steve Sprague

Mandate impacts more than 60,000 companies representing 80% of nation’s invoice volume

In December 2016, Spain announced that businesses that file monthly VAT returns will be required to submit transactional invoice data, for both sales and purchases, electronically starting July 1, 2017. As a result of this mandate, more than 60,000 companies will need to implement this new reporting standard which now includes real-time registration of transactional data, dubbed the Immediate Submission of Information (SII).

The SII will require companies to submit all documents related to VAT liabilities, including invoices issued, invoices received, customs declarations, and accounting forms in real-time. While the real-time process does not begin until July 1, 2017, companies are required to show all documentation dated from January 1, 2017, meaning companies need to be putting processes in place now in order to ensure compliance

Join us for a webinar on-demand to learn more about this mandate:

  • Highlights of the legislation and it impact on your organization
  • Recommendations on how to start preparing for Spain’s new mandate
  • How to avoid potential risks, including operational and IT support issues as well as audits and penalties


Watch the webinar replay »

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