[REPLAY] Mexico and Colombia

November 28, 2016 Karen Marchione

Duration: 60 minutes

How to Prepare for Compliance Changes in Mexico and Colombia Listen to webinar replay where Steve Sprague, Invoiceware International’s VP of Product Strategy, discusses the latest update for both Colombia and Mexico, and the potential impact on your organization. 

Listen to webinar replay, topics to be discussed include: 


  • What to do now that Colombia has ended its pilot program and will require e-invoicing in 2017
  • Latest details on the requirements and how to get ahead of them
  • Timeline for implemementation and how to manage the complex certification process 


  • How to evaluate your compliance approach in Mexico to ensure you aren’t at risk of triggering an electronic audit
  • Details on recent changes announced for foreign trade transactions, payroll receipts (nomina), and payment receipt (comprobante de pago)
  • What to do if your company has an amparo
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[WEBINAR] Mexico, Brazil & Colombia

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