[REPLAY] SAF-T Reporting Requirements in Europe

November 9, 2016 Karen Marchione

Duration: 60 minutes
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Listen to webinar replay for an overview of SAF-T Reporting requirements in Europe.

SAF-T reporting requirements in Europe With Mexico and Brazil paving the way for real-time reporting with e-invoicing, European tax authorities have begun to implement automated data processing for VAT. Please join us for our latest webinar to learn about the latest requirements on SAF-T reporting, a standard now being increasingly adopted within European countries as a means to file tax returns electronically.

SAF-T will require companies to drastically change their VAT processes to ensure compliance with these new regulations and the increase of automated audit assessments.

Register for webinar replay to learn more about:

  • Overview of SAF-T reporting requirements in Europe
  • How to prepare your overall VAT processes for automation requirements like SAF-T
  • How to manage VAT compliance and establish controls to ensure rapid changes in the VAT landscape can be flexibly accommodated in a modern process

As tax authorities are able to conduct more audits with less resources, organizations are placing themselves at risk by relying on manual processes in a digital world. Consequences could be large fines and penalties, negative cash flow impacts or reputational risk if your organization does not have the right processes in place.

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