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June 8, 2016 Karen Marchione

Chile e-Invoicing and e-Accounting Definitions

Under its e-invoicing and e-Accounting mandates, the Chilean tax authority, SII, requires 10 separate document types (collectively called “Documentos Tributarios Electrónicos” or DTE), in addition to monthly and annual accounting reports. Below we've put together a list of common terms used for compliance in Chile:

Autorización -  Once all certification test are completed successfully, the SII will issue a resolution authorizing the taxpayer to operate using the electronic documents (DTE).

Certificado Digital – Signature equivalent to an ID card. It allows representatives of a company to authenticate the documents electronically with the SII.

Certificación – Successfully passing the testing environment and the certification process of the SII.

CAF (Código de Asignación de Folios) – The CAF in the DTE  is originated when the taxpayer requests folios from the SII to issue them.

DTE (Documentos Tributarios Electrónicos)  – Electronic documents in Chile.

Factura de Despacho – Bill of lading that is required on truck.

Firma Electrónica Avanzada – The advanced electronic signature certificate used to authenticate the taxpayer.

Folio – A unique number assigned to a document to identify and differentiate it from other similar documents, such as the Income taxes and Value Added Tax (VAT).

IECV (Información Electrónica de Compras y Ventas) – Electronic information of sales and purchases.                       

Libros Contables – Required electronic accounting reports of sales and purchases. Must be submitted monthly.

Postulación – The application process to be able to invoice electronically. Must register on the SII web services with an acreditate digital certificate.

RUT (Rol Único Tributario) – The mechanism to identify the type of corporate taxpayer.

SII (Servicio de Impuestos Internos)  – Tax administration in Chile.

Timbre Electrónico: Special character set that validates the printed representation of an electronic tax document.

XML (Extensible Markup Language) – The required standard schema for electronic invoices.

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