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May 13, 2016 Karen Marchione

Peru e-Invoicing and Tax Reporting Definitions

Peru is one of the most recent countries in Latin America to announce government-mandated compliance initiatives, with e-invoicing requirements going into effect for the majority of companies throughout 2016. Libros accounting reports were due in January 2016, requiring companies to submit 10+ e-accounting reports for sales, purchases and inventories.

Below is a list of commonly used terms and definitions used in Peru e-invoicing and tax reporting: 

  • Archiving – All documents must be archived for 5 years. 
  • Certificado Digital – Digital certificate included in all of the invoices that guarantees the integrity and security of electronic transactions.
  • Clave SOL – All taxpayers are granted a clave sol (password to access the SUNAT systems online) when they receive a RUC number.  
  • Comunicación de Baja – Contingency for electronic invoices when systems are down.
  • CDR (Constancia de Recepción) – An acknowlegment receipt companies receive after validating XML structure of supplier invoice with the government. 
  • CPE (Combrobantes de Pago – Electronic Invoicing) - Document proving the transfer of goods, delivery, or the provision of services. To be considered as such, proof of payment must be issued and/or printed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation of Payment Vouchers approved by the SUNAT.
  • CRE (Comprobante de Retención Electronico) –Withholding tax, mandatory for selected companies by the SUNAT starting July 1, 2016.
  • Comprobante de Percepción – Perception tax, mandatory for selected companies by the SUNAT,  starting July 1, 2016.
  • Guia de Remisión – The bill of lading that supports the transfer of goods.
  • Guía de Remisión -Transportista – The bill of lading when using a third party logistics (3PL) provider. 
  • Homologación – The process of testing whether the documents generated by the taxpayer are in the schema the SUNAT requires.
  • PLE (Libros Reporting) – Electronic reports that the SUNAT requires to fight tax evasion. There are a more than ten required reports including those for Sales, Purchases, Daily Leger, General Ledger, Inventory Balances, Fixed Assets, and Consignations.
  • RUC (Registro Único de Contribuyentes) - The mechanism to identify the type of corporate tax payer. The RUC consists of eleven digits.
  • UBL (Universal Business Language) - Library of standard electronic XML business document, such as purchase orders and invoices.
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language) – XML is the required standard schema for electronic invoices.

To learn more about the latest requirements in Peru, please download our Peru mandate checklist


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