[Webinar] Understanding TCO for your SAP LATAM Investment

May 6, 2016 Karen Marchione

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 24th at 10am ET
Duration: 60 minutes

Understanding your SAP Investment in Latin America For companies currently or considering managing compliance in Latin America on-premise, it can be difficult to fully calculate the total cost of compliance for your organization. Think of all the costs involved - hardware, software, middleware, SAP implementation and support staff, troubleshooting, change management and more.  The reality is that in-house compliance takes multiple internal resources, and costs can add up quickly.

Join our upcoming webinar where will discuss all the compliance costs you need to take into account when implementing compliance in Latin America, including:

  • Common internal software and maintenance costs
  • Overlooked operational costs including support and finance staffing
  • Required project costs

Compliance in Latin America can be a complex undertaking with the risk of compliance errors being significant.  Be sure to join us to learn how to take a proactive and comprehensive approach to compliance.


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[Webinar Replay]
[Webinar Replay]

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