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May 6, 2016 Karen Marchione

Colombia e-Invoicing and Tax Reporting Definitions

Colombia’s is the eighth country within Latin America to mandate new tax and electronic invoicing policies. Similar to Brazil and Mexico, Colombia’s mandate is complex and sophisticated, impacting accounts receivable, accounts payable, and reporting (libros). Below we've put together a list of common terms used for compliance in Colombia:

  • Acuse de Recibo –Acknowledgment receipt for the invoice from both the supplier and the DIAN.
  • Archiving – All documents must be achieved for five years.
  • CCT (Clave de Contenido Técnico) – Unique technical key that is associated with the range of numbered invoices that will be signed by the DIAN. The clave técnica is also used to calculate the CUFE.
  • Consecutive numbering – An alphanumeric code assigned by the DIAN that guarantees the following document types: invoice, credit, debit, and export.
  • CSFE (Contingencia Servicio Factura Electrónica) – Contingency for electronic invoices. Contingency is mandatory for all documents if systems are down or it is not possible to submit electronic documents.
  • CUFE (Código Unico de la Factura Electrónica) – Unique number that represents the validation and identifies the integrity and authenticity of the invoice. The CUFE is used for sales and export invoices.  
  • DIAN (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales) – Colombian tax authority responsible for ensuring compliance with tax, customs and exchange obligations. The DIAN facilitates the operations of national and international trade
  • Digital certificate – This certificate is used by the company to sign electronic invoices.
  • Libros – Sales (ventas) and purchases (compras) reports due on a daily basis.
  • NIT (Número de Identificación Tributaria) – Unique number assigned by the DIAN that is mandatory to register under the RUT (Registro Unico Tributario).
  • OFE (Obligado a Facturar Electrónicamente) – Organizations mandated by the DIAN to be electronic emitters.
  • QR Code - The printed representation of the invoice (FE) must incorporate a two-dimensional bar code.
  • RUT (Registro Unico Tributario) – The mechanism to identify the type of corporate tax payer.
  • UUID – The unique alphanumeric number that expresses the fiscal folio of the transaction.
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language) – XML is the required standard schema for electronic invoices.
  • XML type  – The DIAN requires XMLs for sales, exportation, contingency, and credit/debit notes.

To learn more about the latest requirements in Colombia, please download our Colombia mandate checklist




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