Peru SUNAT – Checklist of Mandates

March 4, 2015 Scott Lewin

Peru’s government (SUNAT) is putting time sensitive mandates into effect for multinational companies.  

Below is a comprehensive checklist of all mandates in Peru:    

  • Libros Reporting: As of 2016, companies that did more than 3000 UIT (~4,000,000 USD) of revenue in 2014 must file  This is requirement is independent of e-invoicing. This goes well beyond Sales and Purchases and approaches more detail similar to Brazilian SPED.
  • E-Invoicing: The SUNAT now requires all companies dedicated as PRICOS to adopt electronic invoicing by July 2016. Additional there is another compliance wave with an expectation of December.  
  • Certification: All companies must be certified with the SUNAT. This process must be completed within 25 days of request, or your company will need to restart the entire process.
  • Shipping Affected: The legislation requires that both the invoice and the bill of lading need to be on the truck for domestic sales.  
  • Logistics Document: Third party logistics companies must issue Guia de Transportista that references the original invoice in order to ship domestically.
  • Account Receivables: All invoices (both B2B and B2C invoices) are required to apply for approval with the SUNAT and all approval codes need to be integrated into the fiscal (Libros) reports for sales.
  • Account Payables: All vendor XML invoices must be received by the buyer, validated, and integrated into the fiscal (Libros) reports for purchases.
  • Archiving: The law requires all document be archived for a period of 4 years.
  • Distribution: Invoices must be made available to a buyer via email and must be presented on a web portal for a period of 12 months.

Learn more about the changing legislation in Peru this year in our recent webinar: Peru 2015 Mandates: How to Leverage SAP to Maintain Compliance on March 19th at 11am ET.

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