[REPLAY] Latin America – 2015 tax reporting changes that affect SAP Record to Report

April 20, 2015 Karen Marchione

Latin America 2015 Mandates: Strategic approach across the region that enhances productivity and uses SAP as your system of record

Latin America tax authorities continue to increase their fiscal reporting demands in 2015. In coordination with mass rollouts of government mandated electronic invoicing, there are new requirements focused on ensuring that IVA remittances are reported correctly. 

Listen to webinar and understand: 
Brazilian SPED – a focus on profitability and inventory with new ECF reports due in September 2015
• Why your tax accuracy and audit risk is directly related to your e-invoicing processing solutions 
• MexicoeContabilidad – why not focusing on the journal entries (Polizas) could lead to hundreds of thousands in fines starting in September 2015
• Libros – how government including Argentina, Chile and Peru are enabling real-time audits through sales and purchases reports 

Latin America has implemented a unique process. By forcing all of your suppliers to adopt electronic invoicing, they are able to have a detailed record of all potential IVA deductions in their government servers. If your tax remittances carry deductions that are not 100% backed up by government approved XML, those deductions will be backed out and fines assessed. 

Listen to this session to understand the requirements and best practices for ensuring compliance. 

Watch eInvoicing and Tax Reporting Webinar



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